Cartoon Caricatures

Entertaining across the country our cartoonists provide the perfect entertainment that will have people talking about your event long after. 

It’s a simple formula really that we have stuck to for years – punctual, well dressed, personable and talented.  Rove the room and draw some funny faces, add some commentary and humor as we draw and we become the life of the party. 

Our world class artists draw 10-15 faces per hour (on pen and paper), caricatures that your guests will keep.  If you are after ideas, head on over to our quotes page – we’ve drawn on post it notes, mouse mats, even digitally on IPADS.  

Whether your event has ten people or a thousand, we can provide the perfect entertainment with our caricature artists.

PRICE GUIDE: Artists generally charge $250-$350 p/h with a minimum time depending on equipment and setup (if drawing digital) and the artist experience etc.

Group Cartoons

A popular activity for small companies at events –  our talented artists create a large A1 size poster of all the attendees at the event. 
People line up individually to be drawn onto the poster (which is often a scene) and the posters become a talking point as people gather around and watch the creative process (and try and guess who is who!).
The original poster generally ends up back in the staff room (although prints of the poster can be made up for everyone to have a copy).

Live Murals

Our artists can create a a cool vibe creating a live mural during an event.

Whether you want to launch a company product, launch a logo, or even a product we would love to talk to you about creating a talking point at your event.

We can arrange fine artists, graffiti artists or even chalk artists.  

We like to think outside of the square – Why limit yourself to a canvas – we’ve painted on everything from floors to glass walls to surfboards!


Stage Shows

Brad Blaze has been wowing audiences with his unique speed painting show at events around Australia.  Winner of the Entertainer of the Year at the Australian Event Awards.  

Further information on shows – please refer to Brad’s website: 

Team Building

With Australia’s leading artists on hand to inspire you, we can run an entertaining and engaging team building activity using artwork as the medium for expressing visions, strategy or goals.

Teams work together in groups (10 or less), either painting or drawing to communicate ideas.

We ensure that everybody contributes and being artists ourselves, can map out ideas and thoughts that teams have presented.  The ideas are then presented to the group in a ‘pitch session’.

A common team building session is for leadership groups who want to set a visual strategy. The artwork serves as a permanent reminder of the fun session and importantly the shared purpose.

Sessions generally run over one to two hours and all equipment is supplied.