Brush With Shame – Gift Caricatures


Hand Drawn Custom Made Caricatures.


PDF files will be supplied. Once you have ordered please email photos to blaze (@)

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Show someone how much they mean to you by commissioning Red Faces to take the piss out of them.  Perfect for birthday gifts, retirement gifts or even a way to say thank you.

Choose from having the original drawing sent to you and also a VIDEO of the whole drawing (Videos run for 5-10 minutes).  Once you have completed the order form, paid etc. send CLEAR PHOTOS of the face to: blaze (@)  These are head/shoulder drawings only, so the clearer the face in the photo (passport size or larger), the better.

We’ll confirm your order straight away and advise you of delivery times (currently 2 days).

Number Of Peoples In Drawing

1 Person – $0 Extra, 2 Persons – $30 Extras

Optional Extras

Video of the Caricature $10, Caricature sent in the mail $10, Both Video and Mail Option $20, PDF only – $0